We strongly recommend the use of LaCie products for storage of multimedia information and data. We can advise you on the correct product for your application in the McIntosh environment. 


Products and Services

LaCie provides creative professionals, businesses and the scientific community with high-quality required peripherals. LaCie strives to continuously improve their products by offering top-of-the-line digital storage solutions, scanners, screens and calibration systems that match today’s technology. LaCie's extensive product line offers storage peripherals equipped with FireWire, USB, or eSata interfaces, and optical products like DVD writers and color management solutions. All LaCie products are available through authorized LaCie retailers. 

LaCie product offerings center around three families of products:
- Basics
- Solutions
- Prosumers 


Hard drives with a simple interface allow the storage capacity of computer’s central processing units to be increased. LaCie offers a line of large-capacity hard drives and makes sure that its hard disk product line offers excellent performance in terms of throughput and access time. LaCie offers its customers in any work environment hard drives that combine power, speed, reliability and innovation and constitute a complete set of office or portable solutions. 


Beyond simply storing personal files, hard-drive-based Solutions help professionals to optimally secure, exploit, and share their data with ease and simplicity, without having to resort to costly I.T. systems. Responding to the needs of its specific customers, LaCie has been offering a 3-year extended warranty on its Solutions since 2007. 

LaCie's high-end monitors were specifically designed to meet the needs of graphics professionals. Beyond the color quality and an impressive resolution, they allow for exceptional sharpness of detail and absolutely perfect image adjustment. And since the same image can take on a very different look from one monitor to another, LaCie's blue-eye color management solutions enable precision color control. What is seen on the screen is the faithful reflection of what will be printed on the paper. 


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